How to Find a Reputable Arborist

Selecting an arborist is just similar to choosing any contractor. You have to do a little homework and consider everything, from first impression to final bill. A tree that requires decades to grow can become disfigured or destroyed in seconds if the arborist is not fully qualified. Commercial arborists may be found in the Yellow Pages under the category, "tree service. Take a look at this link for more information.

The following are pointers that can help you single out a worthwhile arborist.


Arboriculture training may be obtained in many ways. Colleges and universities offer degree programs. A good number of arborists learned from their on-the-job experience and through long-term education classes. Pruning specifically requires training and experience that is not the same as problem solving. Ensure that the arborist you pick has the training for your project. Certification obtained from your state arborist association is one reflection of an arborist's expertise. The length of time an arborist has spent in the business is yet another important consideration. Check if pesticide application will require certification from your state.

Professional Affiliations

All established arborists belong to at least one professional association. Such an affiliation is already an indication of the abilities of a certain arborist. Read more great facts on  Peoria Tree Removal, click here. 


Always ask for a copy of the company's certificate of insurance and workmen's compensation.

Physical Appearance

Is the arborist or company rep professional-looking enough to win your trust - at least, on a first impression level? What have you heard about their equipment? You can find a lot of reviews online where you can find out more about your prospective tree service.

Client References

Ask for client references, making sure you'll call them. Good questions are, was the arborist able to do the job on time, and were the crew polite or courteous? Was any part of the house damaged accidentally, or maybe other plants? Did they clean up well? Definitely, you'd like to contact the Better Business Bureau to know more about the arborist.

Ask for advice.

There may be more than a single explanation for any specific situation. Seek more than one opinion. There are issues or problems that need no action whatsoever. For a cheap fee, you can ask for advice from tree care firm representatives and private consultants. Some garden centers will have qualified persons answering tree care questions, but make it a point to check their credentials.

Estimates and Quotes

As ever, cost is an important consideration, but the cheapest bid is not always the best for you. This is one of the reasons you have to do your research before seriously considering to hire a certain arborist.

Written Contract

Make sure that everything is well laid out in writing, including such details as when the work will be performed, what exactly they will do (including any products or chemicals they plan to use), and the final bill. Lastly, do not pay before the work is done.